“From February 1st, Vodafone will include free access to the 5G network in all its tariffs, allowing its customers to enjoy, without additional charges and automatically, the potential of the fifth mobile generation, namely the highest speed and quality of data connections,” according to a report by ECO..

The company claims to be “the first operator on the market to begin a new stage of development of this mobile technology”.

“These two years in which we have allowed free experimental access to 5G have strongly boosted the use of this latest generation network, contributing to customers’ perception of its advantages and potential. At Vodafone we want the 5G technology experience to be as democratized as possible, also allowing the creation of differentiated products and services for the benefit of consumers. That's why we decided to include it in all our tariffs, without additional charges for customers”, explains Luís Lopes, executive president of Vodafone.

According to Vodafone, 25% of customers are already connected to 5G, a technology that requires cell phones to be compatible with it. “At large events such as summer festivals or football matches, 5G data consumption represents around 50% of total consumption, reflecting new usage habits”, adds Vodafone.

Currently, the Meo website invites customers to try 5G “for free” “until January 31, 2024”. Nos also states on its website that 5G is free until the end of this month.