In my experience if you ask your guides or angels for help, and stay open, they can guide you to a destination that will be right for you, even if this seems highly unlikely. You will still, however, need the courage and confidence to trust how you feel. It is important to realise that guides in spirit can guide us, but we must make our own decisions. Our minds may tell us that we are making a mistake, but if you are following guidance a deeper part of you will be at peace. This will be reflected in how you feel, not your thoughts. The guides can save you much time in your house hunting if you are prepared to listen to them, be open to their guidance and follow your inner feeling.

Asking for guidance on a move

If you would like some help from spirit in making a move, be aware that it’s easier for your guides to help you if ask in quite a definite way for their help. It is good to make your request in a little ceremony, so that you take it seriously. You could arrange some flowers and candles, and say a prayer to bless the space. Then ask your guides to guide you in your new life move. Ask for their help in finding the right country or region. Tell them that if you are not ready for a move this is ok, but if it would be in your best interest, then please could you receive some guidance on where to go.

Once you have made your request for help, be open to the guidance that comes your way. In one day three different people may start talking to you about France, or Italy or the Cotswolds or Scotland. You may then see a television programme or a magazine article about the place that others have mentioned. It may be that you hear people talking in glowing terms about the area you already live in - which could mean that you are meant to stay in the same area, but move to a different house. Keep an open mind. The guides can see your projected life path and will help you follow it, if you let them.

When you have decided on a location you can ask for help finding the right house or apartment. Have a clear idea of what you want and see this clearly and ask for it. Visualise how many bedrooms you want, the size of garden or patio, and how many reception rooms. You don’t have to visualise a lot of details, but be clear about the number of rooms. Also be clear about the price range.

Spirit on your side

Be aware that if you have asked clearly for what you want spirit will be on your side helping you to find it. It may not be exactly what you visualised, and if your budget was low you may need to do some work on the property, but the guides will be helping you in this process. For our guides material reality is controlled by spirit, not the other way round. For this reason they can help us in something as seemingly material as finding a new home

Be open minded when you do viewings. Your mind may find all kinds of reasons to say no (or yes). Try to follow how you feel in a place, not what you think about it, and then you will be guided by your own intuition. It will just feel right.

You can also ask for help selling your present property. We asked and received help with this, as selling our home in the Algarve was not straightforward. It is important to ask for help in the right spirit - to bring benefit to all involved in the transaction. And once you have sold your home and made your move, don’t forget to thank your guides.

Getting the message not to move

Just as important as being open to guidance, is being open to the possibility that this might not be the right time to move, or you may be looking in the wrong location. How will you know this?

To begin with, in my experience, things will not fall into place. There may be a series of missteps and obstacles that prevent things running smoothly. It’s best not to ignore this as it may be spirit’s way of holding up the process, for your sake.

Change is often difficult, and moving to a new home is no exception, but it can also be a great catalyst for growth. Trusting your intuition, and the input from your guides, can help you find the courage to make a life change, if this is in your best interest. The guides are looking at your life from the viewpoint of spiritual growth and experience, and moving to a new home, a new region or a new country can be fertile ground for such learning. Armed with their support and guidance, you can take the initiative, and make the changes in your life that will bring you the best opportunities for growth.

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