In an interview with the newspaper El Economista, Pablo Abejas, CEO of Visalia, said that the group has partnered with a partner related to telephony and expects to earn 50 million this year in Portugal.

“We are going to open an office in Lisbon and we are going to enter communities of owners and small businesses. In Portugal, we contacted Hyperion and several large promoters, who already have a pipeline, and who need to close medium, short and long-term contracts”. He even anticipates that “the Portuguese market will bring [the Spanish group] around 50 million euros in revenue by 2024, leaving a margin of five or six million euros”.

The Spanish group wants to position itself in the market as one of the ten largest operators in Spain and is therefore betting on launching a fixed tariff for electricity, fiber, gas and telephone for domestic customers. “We know that users want to have peace of mind regarding the cost of energy and telecommunications in their homes. Therefore, we are going to offer them a complete package that includes everything”, said Pablo Abejas.

“For fiber, we reached an agreement with a wholesaler who gives us minutes, but it is Visalia who invoices and provides the rest of the coverage,” he explains during the interview. But, he cautions, “the cost of this fixed rate will depend on the type of house, the geographic location, the number of inhabitants”. It guarantees that the customer will always pay the same amount every month. In return, the customer will have to stay with the operator for one year.

The group plans to reach between 15,000 and 20,000 customers and then reach 130,000. The company wants to position itself as a sector leader in supplying energy to residential communities and SMEs, as well as installing solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings and on the roofs and coverings of SMEs and industrial warehouses, according to the group's website Spanish.