The municipality wants to restore it so that it can once again be a testimony to the Portuguese discoveries.

With a privileged view of the charismatic Praia da Batata, Forte Ponta da Bandeira is one of the best-preserved military structures from the 17th century in the region. It did not escape the 1755 earthquake unscathed but was rebuilt soon after. He is now waiting for intervention, for the first time in 22 years.

The wall, built to counter the advances of the sea – which is not always calm – continues to fulfil its original purpose. The damage caused by erosion is undeniable, even if it does not currently constitute a threat to the foundations.

Forte Ponta da Bandeira was a transit point for more than 40,000 annual visitors before the pandemic. It was, at the time, the second most visited monument in the city. It houses several themed rooms inside, which should once again host exhibitions from March onwards.

The Municipality of Lagos will launch a study to assess the structural deficiencies of this Property of Public Interest. The work is included in the Algarve Regional Priority Intervention Plan, but restoration work only progresses after diagnosis. Until then, the objective is to bring tourists back to this fort museum, which has been inactive since 2022.