Great Britain accounted for 42% of the total number of tourists, followed by the United States (12%) and Spain/Portugal (8.6%).

Visits with family and friends accounted for 40.6% of all visitor visits to Ireland. In December 2023, the visitors spent 4,504,300 nights in the nation.

It is projected that international tourists would have spent a total of €514.5 million in Ireland in December 2023. The guests spent an average of €1,156 travelling and stayed for 10.1 nights.

“The results show that among the 1,484,900 passengers departing Ireland on overseas routes in December 2023, about 445,200 (30 percent) were foreign visitors completing their trips (with the balance being Irish residents heading abroad (60.1 percent) and foreign same-day visitors (9.9 percent),” said Gregg Patrick, a statistician in the Tourism and Travel Division, in response to the release.

“They spent an average of 10.1 nights there. Seeking out friends and relatives was the most common cause (40.6%).”

“The majority of visitors (45.8%) stayed in family/own property, more than in any other type of lodging. The average cost of their visit was €1,156, which included €228 for transportation, €79 for prepayments, €389 for lodging, and €460 for daily expenses.”