1,134 theatrical works were classified by the Irish Film Classification Office (Ifco) in 2023. This covers trailers for motion pictures as well as feature films and shorts.

Although the number of feature films (512) and short films (17) was 4% higher than in 2019, the number of trailers submitted for categorization (605) decreased by 8.3%.

The Sag-Aftra actors' strike fell on the same day as this. In general, the quantity of theatrical works that were categorised in 2019 is about identical to the 1,169-pre-pandemic high.

Moreover 75% of the works categorised for cinema showing fell into the PG, 12A, or 15A categories, in keeping with Ifco's duty as a provider of “trusted guidance”. Twelve percent or so were classified as 16s. In 2023, 7% of the films that were classified were granted an over-18s certificate.

The majority of films designated for Irish theatre distribution in 2017 were American-produced pictures (28%) only barely ahead of Indian films (27%). The UK (15%), the rest of the world (13%), Europe (11%), and Ireland (6%), in that order, came next.

The total income from box office sales was €101 million, a 10% increase over 2022 statistics. In terms of box office receipts, Barbie, Oppenheimer, and The Super Mario Brothers Movie were the top three theatrical releases in 2023.

Dr Ciarán Kissane, the director of film classification, made the following statement in response: “Every picture screened in Irish theatres, including pub movie clubs, must be classed by Ifco before to screening. Our goal as the film classifier is to provide viewers with the knowledge, they need to choose what they or their kids see at the movies.”

“Prior to each film's release, we post our classification determinations on our website, www.ifco.ie. This outlines our classification judgement in plain and straightforward terms, last year, over 75% of the works we categorised for cinema showing satisfied the requirements for an advisory classification.”