A press release by Iberinformin which cites Insight View data, states that over the course of 2023, Leiria saw a 37% increase in insolvency cases compared to 2022.

On the other hand, company dissolutions fell by 45% during the same period. Interestingly, 1803 new companies were incorporated in Leiria throughout 2023, an increase of 3% compared to the previous year, demonstrating a growing interest in the region.

The district of Leiria is composed of 16 municipalities, representing approximately 5% of the total number of Portuguese companies that have rendered accounts. The business distribution is significantly dispersed among the municipalities: Leiria leads with 32% of the companies in the district, followed by Alcobaça (12%), Pombal (11%), Caldas da Rainha (11%), Marinha Grande (7%) and Porto de Mós (5%). The remaining municipalities account for 22% of the companies.

The distribution by business size reveals a remarkable dispersion, with 85% of the companies belonging to the micro-enterprise segment. However, these account for only 14% of total turnover. Small businesses make up about 13% of the total number of enterprises in the district (34% of turnover), while medium-sized enterprises account for approximately 2% of the total (with 32% of turnover). Large companies are scarce, accounting for only 0.2% of the total number of companies, but they contribute 20% of the total turnover.

This dispersion is also reflected in the sectors of activity in Leiria, with 37% of the companies concentrated in the services sector. However, these companies contribute only 8% of the district's total turnover. Other featured sectors include: construction (13%), which accounts for 9% of total turnover; industry (11%), with 32% of total turnover; agriculture and transport, where both individually account for 4% of all enterprises, with a similar contribution in turnover - 5% in agriculture and 4% in transport.

With regard to the risk of default, approximately one in four companies (22%) in Leiria has a maximum or high level of risk. In general, companies have a medium (41%) or low (37%) level of non-compliance.

When we look at the seniority of companies in Leiria, we realise that the older they are, the higher their turnover. Companies incorporated in the last five years represent 31% of the total, contributing only 6% of the total turnover. Those that were established between six and ten years ago represent 21% of the total number of companies in Leiria, with a turnover of 9% in the district. Companies established between 11 and 15 years ago constitute 12% of the total, with a turnover of 11% of total turnover.

Companies between the ages of 16 and 25 account for 21% of companies and contribute 25% of total turnover. Finally, companies over 25 years old represent 30% of the companies in Leiria, with a turnover equivalent to half of the total turnover.