He was born circa 200.

His papacy began on 10 January, 236.

The papacy of Fabian ended on January 20, 250 with his death.

Cornelius succeeded Fabian as the Church’s pope and would become a martyrdom saint too.

A popular legend claims that Fabian baptized both Philip the Arab and the man’s son. Though there aren’t any records to show this is true, Philip was the only one who could return the bodies of Hippolytus and Pontian to Rome. He was the Holy Roman Emperor until 249 and named after the Arabia region where he was born.

The Oriental Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Catholic Church all recognize Fabian as a saint.

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Followers of Coptic Christianity celebrate his feast day on both 7 and 11 August. While the Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on 5 August, the Catholic Church recognises him on 20 January, the anniversary of his death.

Eusebius, an early biographer for the Church, claimed that Fabian had no religious experience before becoming pope. His book stated that Fabian came to Rome for the election because he was concerned about who would lead the Church.

The Church chose the Cemetery of Calixtus as the final resting place for the pope because of the time he spent rebuilding it. You can still see a small stone with his name on it that marks the spot.