We have some strong themes this month, and this year around freedom, human rights, truth, the future, science, technology, innovation, awakening, revolution, decentralisation and independence. Over the coming years we all see many currently centralised institutions and systems moving towards being more independent. The whole socio-economic and political structure will shift from being top-down and centralised to being communities and collaborations, grassroots based and locally administered. Our financial system, the education system, our mainstream media - these will all become much more independent. You are likely to homeschool your children, run your own finances with your own ‘wallet’, and listen to independent journalists. You will have a much stronger sense of your own sovereignty and creating your own reality. You will understand that everything is made up of energy and frequency and will have become a Master at working with these, for the benefit not only of yourself but for all.

On February 1st too, we had an aspect which is like having your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. This was a clash between the planets Mars and Saturn. Mars want to GO, is impatient and impulsive, wants to assert its own will, while Saturn is the brake that says ‘not so fast, there are rules and regulations you must abide by.’ Saturn usually represents top-down governmental power. So while we are perhaps feeling more rebellious energy of demanding more freedom and being less compliant, we could also see attempts at greater control.

Early in the month, we have an aspect that typically suggests that we will be digging deep into secrets to find the truth, justice and a desire for a fairer society. This month begins a period that echoes 1777-1798 in terms of planetary aspects, which saw Revolutions in the US and France, again to demand fairer societies that were much freer for individuals.

In the US Revolution, it was a rebellion against the heavy taxes of King George, so these people left to find the ‘new world’ and base it on principles of freedom, equality and democracy. Aquarius is the sign of the common people, freedom and equality. We will see how far we have come from that time in 2024 . . .

This strong Uranian energy is likely to bring up another theme which is strong in 2024, that of unstable geomagnetics. We are in 2024 Solar Cycle 25 (these are 11 year cycles of the Sun’s activity) and this will be peaking ahead of time this year. Also as the Earth is passing through the Galactic Current Sheet (which it only does around every 12,000 years) and we are passing through the Photon Belt, that is allowing much higher frequency light to come onto Earth and into us.


This is a powerful ingredient for our evolution but can be quite destabilising for us physically as we are having to assimilate these new energies so fast. Welcome them in, even if it is meaning you can’t sleep, or can’t stay awake, or whatever manifestation they are having for you. The Earth’s iron and nickel core is expanding resulting in more cracking of the Earth’s crust, and together with the astrology of these times, more seismic activity and extreme Earth events are likely. All of this turbulence is freeing up and churning up the energy and although that creates more volatility on all levels, it makes the ‘modelling clay’ of our reality even more malleable as we endeavour to create a much more loving world.

We must become conscious of CHOOSING which we will focus on, this geometry of light is already flickering in the quantum field as the old world crumbles and will continue to do so, despite appearances. Do not give any energy to these negative possibilities as by your attention you are helping them to manifest in our world, and that doesn’t help any of us. Be aware of your spiritual responsibility in this, we are each a fractal of the cosmos helping it to evolve (or not!).

If you were born between 17th - 23rd January, 16th - 22nd April, 18th - 24th July, or 19th - 25th October of any year, you may be feeling a sense of intensity or power/control issues in your life. The purpose of this is for you to step into your power and sovereignty. If you were born between 3rd - 13th February, 4th - 13th May, 6th -14th August or 6th - 15th November of any year, you may be feeling more restless, urgent, wanting more variety and newness in your life, that you have outgrown certain situations or relationships. This is calling you to step into the ‘new you’, and April will be a particularly big month for you.

Blessings to you all.


Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over 45 years, and runs a very busy astrology practice. She has a popular YouTube channel with updates and interviews, is the author of two best-selling books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. Pam offers several teaching videos available from her website: www.pamgregory.com and also writes a long monthly newsletter.

She is no longer doing client work as she is focused on helping the collective through this huge spiritual transformation. As well as YouTube you’ll find her on Unifyd, MeWe and Facebook with regular astrology updates.’

Pam Gregory