Lufthansa ground staff have scheduled a strike for this Wednesday, February 7, which could lead to the cancellation of numerous flights in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, according to Lusa.

The union says that the strike would have been unnecessary if Lufthansa had approved, for ground staff, the increases that were approved for other professional groups, which did not happen and led to the strike being scheduled.

“There is no desire to do this at the negotiating table. We, therefore, hope for understanding from passengers who, like workers, want to put an end to staff shortages and provide a better service”, said Marvin Reschinsky, trade unionist at Ver.di, who is participating in labour negotiations.

The strike was called as part of negotiations for a new labour agreement that will cover 25,000 Lufthansa workers and, in which, Ver.di demands a salary increase of 12.5% and a 12-month agreement, plus a single payment of 3,000 euros to compensate for inflation.