"It is expected that the service will be operating in March", according to an official source from the Porto City Council and reported by Lusa.

JN reported today that the Porto Municipal Police have already received cameras to be installed in at least two vehicles, which will fine poorly parked vehicles through photographic recording of their license plates.

The system will collect images of the offending vehicles, and the officer in the vehicle with the camera installed on its roof will be responsible for issuing the respective fine.

According to JN, in 2023 more than 33,000 administrative offense notices were issued in Porto, with a total of 15,515 vehicle tows being registered.

Mobile speed control radars have also been operating since the beginning of the year, according to a source from the municipality.

In addition to the cameras installed in Municipal Police vehicles and mobile speed control radars, from this year onwards STCP has also started to monitor improper parking in bus lanes and at bus stops, as a result of a protocol signed with the municipality.