“The Portugal-Cape Verde accelerator is the only program chosen for the 2025 Social Summit which is a North-South cooperation program”, the minister announced.

Ana Mendes Godinho participated in a session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development, with the aim of “actively participating in building the path to the 2025 Social Summit”, with a focus on social investment.

“Portugal had an active participation, namely by witnessing the investment in the social area, at the Social Summit which took place during the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, and also the projects that emerged from it, such as making daycares free of charge, seeking to ensure priority for children as a decisive element in the fight against poverty”, she explained.

At the end of January, Cape Verde and Portugal signed an application to the United Nations in support of a professional training program, which will cost four million over two years, to cover 2,000 people.

The initiative is directed by the UN for action “in response to major challenges”, in this case, “worker mobility, migration, training and development”, said the minister.

In accordance with the official, the qualification announced in December addresses areas “essential for Cape Verde and Portugal”, starting from the base presented by the archipelago, forming human capital for the country, and which is compatible with the interests of Portuguese companies.

Ana Mendes Godinho considers this joint effort that seeks to “also be an example of what North-South relations can be”, particularly on the subject of migration, cooperation and investment in qualifications for human resources.

“In partnership with the International Labour Organisation, we aim to define the path in the construction of the Portugal-Cape Verde accelerator, for qualifications in the area of training and as an example of what cooperation should and can be”, she reinforced.