Portugal was the seventh source of tourists to Brazil last year, after Argentina (1.9 million visitors), the United States (668 thousand), Chile (458.5 thousand) , Paraguay (424.5 thousand), Uruguay (334.7 thousand) and France (187.5 thousand).

International tourists were responsible for revenues of 6.42 billion euros in Brazil, which represents a new record for the country and an annual growth of 41%, this value being 1.5% above that recorded in 2014, the year in which that Brazil hosted the World Cup.

“We achieved a very surprising number, even for ourselves”, highlighted Marcelo Freixo, considering that Lula da Silva's entry into the presidency was one of the determining factors for the record values.

According to Marcelo Freixo, the new political situation in Brazil “was very favourable” for Embratur’s work, as it represented the return of “the Brazil of democracy, sustainability, the Brazil of culture”.

“It was Brazil that the world missed”, added the president of Embratur.