We actually don't need to promote peace itself. It is something we are all yearning for so strongly. We unite in the craving for peace - even if so many people, people in positions of worldly power, don't seem to.

Perhaps they cannot hear their own inner scream for peace, or they might be incapable of acting in the way of peace for whatever reasons.

It's easy to blame others for causing problems in our small daily lives and for big problems in a global perspective. Others are to blame. It’s their fault. It's their responsibility to take actions that lead to peace. And yet it is true?

Blaming and judging others spins a net around the globe and does one fascinating but unfortunate and sorry thing: IT LEADS BACK TO US! You blaming someone in power, someone else leads back to you. Me blaming someone in my life leads back to me.

The responsibility of peace lies in the people of high influence, and the responsibility for peace lies in every single human being on this earth right now. Yes, that is me and you.

But how on earth should we, daily people, be able to stop the wars?

This, to me, is not the right question to ask. But it leads to THE TURNING POINT towards peace as a general foundation - because that is what the world needs. A foundation of peace.


And this idea leads to a highly underestimated power: The power of all of us actively moving and acting in the same direction with each other. The higher the number, obviously, the more powerful.

This does not mean only talking, wishing, or hoping for it. It's not enough to point towards peace. We need to come from a place of peace.

It lies in everyone's very own power to take actions that not only lead to peace but also that COME FROM PEACE.


That's a natural phenomenon, I'm sure we've all experienced at some moment in our lives, at work, or in any conversation, where suddenly there is no fight as expected because one of the people involved spoke and acted from a place of peace. And then you felt not threatened anymore, put your guard and weapons down and peace was installed.

We actually can PEACE, but we don't peace enough.

Blaming others does that come from a place of peace? No. Is it meant to LEAD to peace, but it doesn't not carry the information of peace. Blaming others is an act of fight.

And there we are, right in the battlefield again, fighting our own little and big fights within our heads and in our lives. Uniting with others in the name of peace, but coming from a place of war against others. It doesn't matter that we might be "right", I am talking about the perspective of 'DO WE ACTUALLY CREATE PEACE BY THIS'?

Making peace a verb, what do we need to peace?

We need to cultivate and tap into the resources of peace that are naturally waiting inside of us to be chosen as source for our thinking and doing.

We all know how difficult it can be to feel the peace that is said to be within us, when we rush through our lives, when we are busy all the time when we struggle to find even one minute to relax, and when we find it we can't. This is a valid excuse to not create peace.

But we need to be aware that with the baseline of tension, of fight, of resistance, of blame in our lives we are not installing peace in this world. We are actually feeding the opposite. Even when we are not actually involved in the battlefield - we still build it.


This is a very uncomfortable and confronting statement, I know. And I, myself feel it, too.
I write these words not to punish us, I write them to raise awareness of our power of peace. Because I have experienced my power of peace in my life many times, and it might be a lifetime job to improve. But it does work.

I have created peace, and I am sure so have you. We all know how to do it because peace is a natural longing of our hearts. And this is the place inside that we need to access to take actions that speak the language of peace. Because they then come from peace and automatically lead to peace.

Disclaimer: Let's not get disillusioned when our more peaceful behaviour towards ourselves and the people in our lives does not bring immediate peace on one of the battlefields of the world. Our work for peace is a long-term mission, and yet the more people build the momentum of peace together the more miracles of peace will we experience.


Sina is a 32 year-old woman from Germany, who moved to Portugal in 2022. She would describe herself as a sensitive human being with a great longing and calling for a better world.

Sina Rissmann