According to research by the travel operator Solo Female Travellers Tours, Dublin came in at number four.

They examined information from TripAdvisor, such as the number of eateries serving regional cuisine, places with Michelin stars, and eateries that accommodate vegetarians and vegans in every European city.

Paris received a score of 74.69, making it the top city in Europe for cuisine.

Paris achieved a perfect score of 10 for both the total number of restaurants and the number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

At 70.39, Florence was ranked as the second-best city. Florence scored a perfect ten on a number of criteria, such as the quantity of eateries serving regional food and those that cater to vegetarians.

Rome, the capital of Italy, comes in second since it has 9.99 restaurants per 1,000 residents.

Dublin, with a score of 61.57, was placed fourth. This was because of its ambience and the fact that some of its vegan-friendly eateries received a score of 9.99.

Bologna completed the top five with a score of 61.36. The Italian city received a score of 10 for the number of pubs and bars in addition to the number of businesses that provide online delivery.

According to our research, when women are picking a vacation, 63% of them take the local cuisine into consideration. Foodies will be especially drawn to these ten towns because of their exceptional food scenes, according to a Solo Female Travellers Tours representative.

“Most of these cities are popular destinations in our portfolio of tours for women, where we curate rich and immersive food and wine experiences at homes, wineries, and farms. They are also located in the most visited countries in the world, like France, Italy, or Spain.”