Between February 7th and 14th, the food basket fell by 1.47 euros, to 143.86 euros. "This price is just 58 cents above the price of the same basket on January 3, two days before the end of the VAT exemption", highlights DECO PROteste.

According to the accounts of the consumer protection organisation, "the biggest price increase in this basket was registered between January 4th, the last day of zero VAT, and January 10th, during which period it rose by 7.96 euros (more 5.60%)".

Since the VAT exemption came to an end, the products that have become most expensive are liquid yogurt, which increased by 37 cents (18%), to 2.38 euros, on February 14; and cooking oil, which rose 29 cents (15%). On February 14, it cost 2.21 euros; and horse mackerel, with an increase of 64 cents per kilo (15%), to 4.97 euros per kilo, on February 14th.