The amount lent by financial institutions in 2023 surpasses the previous record reached in 2019 (7,594 million euros).

Last December alone, 590.6 million euros were lent in consumer credit, a slight drop of 0.6% compared to December 2022 and 12.6% less than in November 2023.

By segments, in the car credit segment, the amount contracted was 235 million euros, 2.2% more than in the same month of 2022.

The amount of new personal credits decreased. Personal credit 'without a specific purpose, home, consolidated and other purposes' was 239 million euros (3.2% less compared to December 2022). For its part, personal credit for 'education, health, renewable energy and financial leasing of equipment' was almost 10.4 million euros (4% less).

Finally, 106 million euros were lent on credit cards, lines of credit, bank current accounts and overdraft facilities, 0.4% less compared to December 2022.