The proposal comes from the socialist majority and will be voted on at Monday's chamber meeting.

“[It is proposed to] renew the period of suspension of authorization and new local accommodation registrations for a period of six months from the end of the currently valid period and until the entry into force of the Municipal Local Accommodation Regime”.

According to the proposal, the deadline currently in force ended on Thursday.

The Chamber of Gaia approved, on January 23rd of last year, the suspension of new local accommodation registrations and announced the creation of a Municipal Local Accommodation Regime.

At a council meeting, the president, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, stated that he intended, with this measure, to “discipline” this sector.

“The suspension of new registrations is a precautionary measure to create a regulation”, said the mayor, justifying the measure with the “need to discipline” the local accommodation area.

On that date, the proposal was unanimously approved.

Subsequently, in July, the measure was extended, and on October 6th the national law on the Government program that aims to encourage the increase in housing, the “More Housing” Package, came into force, and which introduced recommendations on the housing sector.

In the proposal discussed on Monday, the socialist majority recalls the national measures that have since been extended to the entire national territory, namely that local accommodation registrations now have a duration of five years, renewable for equal periods upon the decision of the municipal council.

Regarding the Municipal Local Accommodation Regime, the proposal also states that “the legislative changes to Mais Habitação saw the introduction of changes to the legal regime for local accommodation that impacted the drafting of the regulation”.