Compared to the previous month, December last year, there was also an increase in deaths. There were 1,272 (10.5%) more deaths than the last month of 2023.

Throughout 2023, there were 118,862 deaths, 6,030 fewer than in 2022.

In terms of births, in December 2023 there were 7,125 live births registered, decreasing 0.2% compared to December 2022, the month during which 7,142 were registered.

The total number of live births recorded in 2023 is 85,909, higher than that recorded in 2022, when 83,989 were recorded. There are 1,920 more (2.3%) from one year to the next.

Weddings, according to INE, suffered a decrease of 9.5% in December 2023 compared to the same month, with 2,037 marriages being celebrated in the last month of last year, 213 fewer than in 2022.

In total, in 2023, 36,969 weddings were celebrated, 17 more than in 2022.