After more than 112 years in operation, Arthur's on the Newry Road is currently led by Clodagh Arthur Duffy, the fifth generation of owners. On February 11th, the winning ticket from the Valentine's Day draw was sold.

“We're thrilled for them and appreciate them coming to our store,” Ms. Arthur Duffy remarked.

The store, which is situated on Newry Road, receives a lot of business from both residents and passersby.

“The local community is very good at supporting the shop, we genuinely haven’t got a clue who it might be, but we are just happy for them whoever they are, but hopefully it's in the community.”

The mood today, according to Ms. Arthur Duffy, was “unbelievable.”

“My phone is hopping, between social media, people messaging, one customer messaged, she does her Lotto here all the time and this morning she messaged to say she was so excited checking her tickets at home.”

According to Bobby Arthur, the father of Clodagh and the former owner, this is not the shop's first lottery victory.

He attended one of the first training sessions on how to operate a lottery machine and was among the first stores to have one.

Mr. Arthur mentioned two significant victories in the past, but the victor was never revealed.

Another client earned €75,000 not too long ago.

“It's not as big as this, but onwards and upwards, there's always the euro millions!” Ms. Arthur Duffy stated. The National Lottery's Sarah Orr encouraged people to check their tickets to see whether they had won the big prize.

The winning numbers were 1, 5, 10, 15, 44, 47, and 45. The bonus number was also 45. The prize was valued at €3,523,021.

The previous jackpot winner took home more than €14.6 million in January.

The numbers on the winning ticket, which was purchased online, were 3, 8, 10, 24, 32, 41, and 30 as a bonus.

Three months are allotted to the ticket holder to claim the reward.