The majority of houses for sale advertised on idealista during this period were houses (62%), with only 38% corresponding to apartments. As for the type of houses, the most significant are T2 (38%), followed by T3 (30%), T1 (16%), T4 or more (12%) and, finally, studios (4%).

The heterogeneity of the Portuguese real estate market is reflected in the wide variation in the weight of housing priced below 150,000 euros in each district and island, according to idealista. In 14 territories, at least 40% of homes for sale are affordable, while in five this supply is less than 10%.

In the most dynamic markets – close to large urban centers – the presence of housing below this price is small, as is the case of Faro, where only 3% of houses for sale had a price below 150 thousand euros. This is followed by the island of Madeira (4%), the island of Porto Santo (4%), and the districts of Lisbon (5%) and Porto (7%).

At the opposite extreme are the districts and islands that, as a rule, have cheaper houses for sale, as is the case of Guarda, where 75% of the offer is priced below 150 thousand euros. Right after is Portalegre (74%), Bragança (61%), Castelo Branco (61%), Beja (60%), Graciosa island (60%), Flores island (55%), São Jorge island (49 %), Vila Real (49%), Viseu (48%), Santa Maria island (45%), Évora (44%), Santarém (43%) and Terceira island (40%).