In an effort to lessen its carbon footprint, this is the first event of its sort in the UK and Ireland to install mains electricity.

In the end, using grid electricity will cut down on carbon emissions from running the festival's main stage in 2024 and lessen the need for makeshift generators.

The outdoor entertainment industry will switch to renewable electricity when the Festival Republic submits a planning proposal for a substation and, if approved, construction on supplying grid power to the main stage starts later this year.

The intention is to encourage other festivals to consider whether or not they can integrate their event into the national grid, as this is a viable long-term approach to lower carbon emissions at festivals.

“The installation of our first grid connection is a key contributor to our goal of reducing carbon emissions associated with the festival by 50% by 2030 in line with our Green Nation Charter,” stated Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic.

By setting an example and sharing our expertise, I intend to ensure that festival attendees enjoy themselves greatly at Electric Picnic, secure in the knowledge that we are making every effort to reduce our influence on the one world we have left.