The first-ever Down syndrome Academy Award recipient, who played in An Irish Goodbye, portrays Greg Flynn in Fairview Park, the brother of Declan Flynn, who was killed in Dublin in 1982.

The brief film recounts the true circumstances that led up to the death of Declan (31), who was viciously attacked by a gang in Fairview Park, a well-known hangout for gay men. His corpse was found the next morning.

After being accused of killing him, five teenagers had their sentences subsequently stayed. “One thing that has come to my mind is that there is no element of correction that is required,” Judge Mr. Justice Seán Gannon stated before the Central Criminal Court in Dublin.

“You all hail from well-maintained homes where you were shown love and affection." Even while I have to impose punishments to show how disgusting the community is, I don't believe they have to be served right away by incarceration.”

One of the largest and oldest homosexual rights demonstrations in Dublin took place as a result of the judgment's broad uproar. The makers of the movie want to “educate a new generation on how the cruel and hateful murder of Declan Flynn was a catalyst in 1980s Ireland's gay rights movement.”

Hundreds of LGBT+ people joined Declan's family, friends, and the actors and crew for a memorial service to honour the 40th anniversary of his death as part of the film's production. The movie centres on Declan's fictitious day, which he spends travelling from home to work to a party, after working with Paul Flynn to write the screenplay.