According to data from the Bank of Portugal, Portuguese people working abroad sent 3,985.57 million euros last year, which represents an increase of 2.4% compared to the 3,892.26 sent in 2022.

As is usual in recent years, remittances from emigrants broke the record again last year, as in 2021 the amount sent by Portuguese workers abroad was 3,707.77 million euros.

In relation to foreigners working in Portugal, the amount sent to their countries of origin last year was 570.19 million euros, which represents an increase of 7.39% compared to the 530.96 million sent in 2022 and above the 504.17 million sent in 2021, confirming the trend of increasing foreign labour in Portugal.


Among them, Brazilian workers in Portugal stand out, who sent practically half of the total remittances, with 281.35 million euros, which shows an increase of 8.42% compared to the 259.49 million sent in 2022 and the 239.34 million euros sent in 2021 to Brazil.

National emigrants working in Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) sent 312.76 million euros last year, which represents a reduction of 1.36% compared to the 317.06 million sent in 2022, but still well above the 260.55 million sent in 2021.

As usual, Portuguese people working in Angola represent almost all of these funds, having sent 303.55 million euros, which represents a drop of 1.65% compared to the 308.4 million sent in 2022 to Portugal.