A price reduction is being applied to a number of items, including bread, culinary supplies, wine, fresh chicken, cattle, lamb, and seafood.

Aldi stated that the most recent price reductions come after it revealed price reductions to over 150 best-selling items last month.

It stated that the store is committed to providing consumers with exceptional value and reduced costs, adding that the most recent price reductions reflect an investment of over €12 million.

Aldi also stated today that none of its suppliers' pricing would be impacted by the recent price reductions that have been published.

It recently said that it signed several new supplier contracts totalling over €40 million and spent €1.1 billion with its network of over 330 Irish suppliers in the previous year.

Aldi's Ireland Managing Director of Buying and Services, Colin Breslin, stated that the grocery chain is still committed to giving its consumers high-quality goods at competitive costs.

“We reinforced our commitment to our clients to keep lowering costs as and whenever we can last month when we introduced over 150 fresh price cuts. Today, we're reducing the prices on an additional 81 products, increasing the total to 230 products that we've lowered prices on this year,” Mr. Breslin continued.