The new centre located in Campo Grande, in Lisbon, starts operating on February 26th this year.

The centre will also open a door to "new opportunities for social, economic and cultural exchange", benefiting both countries.

The Portuguese already benefit from "visa exemption for travelling to Canada for up to six months".

"People-to-people ties between Canada and Portugal have become stronger over time. Today these ties are sustained by a vibrant Canadian community of Portuguese origin", said the minister responsible for immigration, Marc Miller.

The new centre will make applications even easier "over a longer period of time" while contributing to the Canadian economy and "deepening ties" between the two countries, Miller adds.

Visa application centres are operated by private companies contracted by the Canadian Government.

Its first objective is to receive documents required for visa applications, transmit this information securely to the offices of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and have biometric information collection services.

Centre services are available by phone, email or in-person to answer questions in local languages and help ensure processes are completed.

Currently, there are 163 centres located in 110 countries.