An Iberian wolf has been photographed next to a road in the centre of the village of Paredes de Coura.

According to a report by O Minho, the photo was shared on Facebook and its author states that the animal "wanted to cross Avenida de Cenon".

According to the website 'Eu vi um Lobo', the presence of wolves in the region that currently constitutes mainland Portugal dates back to around 150 thousand (in the Middle Paleolithic) years ago, "as attested by the fossils found in Gruta da Furninha (Peniche), attributed to Canis lupus lunellensis, a smaller wolf than the current one, adapted to the humid and hot climate that prevailed in the Iberian Peninsula at the time".

According to the last national census, carried out in 2002-2003, it is estimated that there are around 300 wolves in Portugal, distributed across a total of 63 packs, and occupying an area of approximately 20,400 km2.