Based on its 2024 motoring report, which is based on online activity and a poll of 1,000 drivers, 38% of drivers have reduced or want to reduce the number of cars in their homes in order to save money.

In the recent 12 months, 47% of respondents reported an increase in their auto insurance premiums, representing an 11% increase over the prior year.

The study indicates that pricing is the primary factor that prospective customers are looking at this year, followed by brand, safety, dependability, and operating expenses.

On the other hand, parents' top priorities when selecting a car are safety, space, cost, and fuel efficiency.

As reported by Carzone, sales of diesel cars made up 47% of all sales last year, a 7% decrease from the previous year.

While sales of hybrid and electric cars (EVs) increased by 6% while making up just 16% of the market, sales of gasoline-powered vehicles increased by 1% to 37% overall.

However, when it comes to buying their next vehicle, the majority of drivers are considering moving away from petrol and diesel.

When it comes time to replace their car, 54% of respondents stated they plan to buy an electric or hybrid, despite reservations about range anxiety, cost, unavailability of chargers, and dependability.

When asked why they would purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle, 57% cited lower operating costs and 60% highlighted the benefits to the environment.

According to the survey, franchise dealers accounted for 36% of last year's auto sales, followed by independent dealers (31%), individual sellers (23%), and friends and family (7%).