With new direct flights and more Americans choosing to include Northern Ireland in their itineraries for the first time.

Mansergh said that Tourism Ireland intends to increase foreign tourism earnings by 5.6 percent annually over the following six years, until 2030, during the launch of this year's US marketing push in New York.

Family, ancestral, and historical links continue to be Ireland's biggest source of tourists from the United States; however, she notes that Ireland's exceptional travel options fiercely compete with those ties.

“Scenes, tradition, and people are the three things that always come up when we ask customers what they think about Ireland when they travel abroad.”

“People, in my opinion, is a rather simple way to sum up the kind greeting that guests experience. But if you dig a little farther, I believe the roots are in the arts.”

“It revolves around our narratives, our wit, literature, acting, music, and dance. It's thrilling to witness so many amazing performers and actresses right now, whether it's Cillian Murphy receiving an Oscar nomination or An Cailin Ciuin becoming the first Irish-language film to be featured at the Oscars, it truly is a historic moment in Irish culture,” Mansergh says.