According to data from INE, the UK market registered a growth of 17.1% in the number of disembarked passengers and 17. 2% in the number of passengers embarked compared to the same period in 2022.

The list follows in this order:

  • France – year-on-year growth of 18.4% in the number of passengers disembarked and 18.3% in the number of passengers boarded;
  • Spain – growth of 32.5% and 31.9%;
  • Germany – growth of 9.2% and 9.5%;
  • Italy – growth of 32.5% and 32.2%;

INE data also shows that in November 2023, 4.5 million passengers and 20.6 thousand tons of cargo and mail moved through national airports, corresponding to variations of +8.5% and +6. 7%, respectively, compared to November 2022. Compared to November 2019, that is, the pre-pandemic period, there were increases of 11.8% and 5.1%, in the same order.

“Since the beginning of 2023, there have been historic highs in monthly passenger numbers at national airports. In November 2023, there was an average daily disembarkation of 70.8 thousand passengers, a figure higher than that recorded in November 2022 (65.6 thousand; +7.9%) and 10.3% above that recorded in November 2019 (64.2 thousand)”, reads the note from the national statistics office.