Aligning your teeth wasn't always a technological and comfortable experience.

When dentistry was invented, other materials had to be used to make dental braces, different from what we are used to seeing today with little concern for aesthetics and a lot of discomfort for the patient.

The option of orthodontic treatment using clear braces is becoming increasingly common. In the last 5 years this area has undergone a major evolution.

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Did you know that the entire treatment process is done through digital planning? Well, over the years, digital planning software has evolved, as has the way of taking molds of the patient's teeth to create the aligners. Using a 3D scanner, it's possible to take photos and display a perfect copy of the smile on the computer, from which orthodontists plan the movement of the teeth.

Previously, the use of aligners was considered an option for very simple treatments, with little movement of the teeth, but over the years, with a lot of research, the emergence of new materials and new technologies, this use has also come to include more complex cases with excellent results and Invisalign has begun to increase the possibilities of treatment, gaining ground in the world market.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Client;

This way, it is always possible to have a healthy and radiant smile.


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