"We have the political commitment that we expressed, to work with the regional tourism entity [of the Algarve] within the framework of its representation to work with other sectors and find answers to this issue, which is absolutely real", said the president of Portuguese Hotel Industry Association (AHP), Bernardo Trindade.

Asked by Lusa if they are already involved in the work, he confirmed that they are being heard. "We will participate in this debate. We are completely available", he stressed.

Bernardo Trindade explained that there are already AHP members "taking mitigation measures", such as placing reducers on taps or more disciplined management of watering in hotel gardens.

"These are good examples of how we are acting. We understand that it is still not enough. We will work together to identify measures that can, in some way, be answers. As is evident, we have other partners in the Algarve. We already have the people who live there. We have agriculture, we have golf. We all have to be available for this challenge, which is a global challenge", he highlighted.

The person in charge addressed the issue at the opening of the annual congress that AHP promotes to affirm their willingness to work with different entities, drawing attention to the fact that "unilateral decisions, whether to increase prices or strong rationing", are "just sticking plasters on a topic of vital importance for the entire population that lives and visits the Algarve".

A resolution published on February 20 in Diário da República states that the Government admits “additional, more serious measures” to guarantee the minimum reserves that allow the supply of water for priority uses in the Algarve.

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