Agent Catarina Monteiro warns that the first step is to "always be suspicious of a property that is below market value, compared to similar properties in the same geographic area", even if, according to her, "valid reasons" can be presented [ for that price] such as a sudden departure from the country or the birth of a child".

This security force admits that with new technologies this type of scam is increasingly sophisticated, which is why it advises those looking for properties online to "research information about the property and the advertiser on the internet because you can find information about previous scams".

Furthermore, she remembers that during the contact process between the interested party and the seller, the first person should always ask for additional information such as water, electricity, or gas bills to see that the name of the holder and the address of the house match.

The PSP also urges anyone who is suspicious or has been scammed to file a complaint, remembering, during the process, to save all emails and exchanges of messages with the seller. This information will be crucial for subsequent police investigations.