“It’s a one and two record type project”, said the musician, noting that the first record will be titled “Magïn Mixtape”. “The idea is to return to my rap roots”, explained Brian Magina, whose stage name is a variation of his surname.

“I want to be the Cristiano of rap. I won’t stop”, he assured. “I want to rap and say things that are worth hearing more than once.”

The second record is linked to the Football World Cup which will take place in North America in 2026, with games in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“I grew up playing and listening to the FIFA soundtrack”, he said, referring to the popular video game series produced by EA Sports. “I’m creating my own soundtrack for FIFA.”

This is the basis of the second record, the tenth of his career, which aims to launch the musician into a new phase.

In California, Magïn has performed at Portuguese community events, the most recent being the first Lisbon Lounge night in Lost Angeles, created by Portuguese DJ Roger Milan, who has been based in California for a decade.

Fluent in Portuguese, his songs include a mix of the language with English, and sometimes Spanish, due to the influence of the Hispanic community in the northern Californian city where Magïn grew up.

“I’ve always been different and I’ve always used three languages, I sing in Portuguese and English with a little Spanish”, he stated. “Rap is a little overlooked in our culture”, he considered. “Our culture is more elegant. I have always moved between these two worlds, the elegance of books and the grey of the streets.”

With a degree in Music and Communication Management, Magïn is the son of Azoreans from Terceira Island who emigrated to the São Joaquim Valley, in California, several decades ago.

“I have learned our culture from the point of view of California”, he highlighted. “I was born here, so my understanding of my heritage is of a Portuguese-American from California.”

“I want to be able to have a connection with all Portuguese-Americans, with all the Portuguese, everyone who has a connection with their heritage and speaks the language”, he announced.

His first passion was playing football, like that of many Portuguese people. “I always played ball and thought I was going to be Cristiano”, he recalled. Now, at 31 years old, he looks to the Madeiran star as inspiration for his music.

“I have a passion for life and the writing process”, he said, adding that the market today is very different from what it was 10 years ago when he started releasing music, but that doesn’t discourage him.

“We either make excuses or we find solutions, and I have always been someone who is solutions-oriented”, disclosed the musician.

In his songs, he wants to represent his personal story and include the launch of broader themes. “Talking about the stories of others, of those who don’t have a voice, or don’t know how to say things, and are afraid of losing friends or family.”

In 2022, Magïn’s song “Cala a Boca” received a nomination in the Hip/Hop category of the International Portuguese Awards (IMPA), catapulting the musician into the global panorama of Portuguese-American music.