Europe’s newest five-star health and wellness hotel, the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in Portugal’s Algarve, advances its position as a leader in transformational experiences with the announcement that for the second year running, it will be the proud host of two immersive retreats held by the renowned mentors of Mindfulness & Beyond.

Aimed at those who are looking to make positive changes in their lives, the two retreats will take place in March 2024, offering a fully immersive and life-changing process, including Embracing Connection - to improve the relationship with yourself and others and Swadharma – a chance to discover your life’s purpose and potential.

Meet the retreat facilitators

With over 40 years of experience combined between them, retreat attendees will be guided and held by life partners and co-founders of Mindfulness & Beyond, Rajesh Ramani and Smitha Jayakumar. As two of the globe’s leading spiritual mentors, Rajesh and Smitha specialise in emotional and spiritual transformational work, spanning the mind, body, and heart, to allow individuals to live aligned with the truth, purpose, and possibility of who they were born to be.

Formerly monks, both mentors hold a deep understanding of the way the human mind works, blending ancient teachings, traditional Eastern practices, and modern Western techniques to connect people to their true potential. Offering an approachable and gentle space for introspection, Rajesh and Smitha teach attendees to break free of patterns and the past that holds them back.

Embracing Connection Retreat

3rd - 8th March 2024

A deeper connection with oneself and others happens when there is greater awareness of one’s emotions and thoughts. During this transformative retreat, Rajesh and Smitha will take attendees through a deep inner journey in getting in touch with themselves and creating a space of emotional balance, which in turn strengthens their ability to connect with others. With compassion, empathy, and love at the centre of the teachings and practices, guests will leave with an understanding of how to manage their individual space and boundaries, while simultaneously maintaining a sense of belonging and connection. Including core themes of the relationship matrix, algorithm of emotions, staying vulnerable and inter-living in relationships, attendees will learn to improve communication, listening skills and mutual expectations.

Swadharma - Life’s Potential and Purpose

10th – 16th March 2024

For one to discover their Swadharma, is for one to discover the true potential of who they are. Just the journey guests will embark on during this six-night retreat. Encouraging attendees to discover different layers of their personalities, identities and purposes, Rajesh and Smitha will support people in uncovering the meaning and purpose that will bring greater fulfilment. With Swadharma translating directly to the action taken in harmony with one’s true nature, this retreat will guide guests toward anchoring their aspirations into a deeper meaning. Created for those ready to tap into their greatest potential and leave disconnection behind, this retreat will ultimately teach guests to lead a life of ‘loving what they do’ and ‘doing what they love’.

Leaving with the portal to the past open, attendees will also return home with tangible take-aways and practices to implement in daily life, to ensure they feel held during the integration period. During this time, attendees will also be invited to join group follow up sessions hosted by Rajesh and Smitha post retreat to discuss perspectives, insights, and share feedback.

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