As the councillor recalls, parking on the street “is much cheaper”, but it also leads to traffic congestion issues as drivers have to wait for a place to park. Artur Feio believes that some of the private operators may not even be aware that the prices they charge for private parking can be almost double what drivers pay for on-street parking. As he stated, “the municipality should try to make a strategy compatible with private operators.”

In response to Artur Feio’s proposal, Ricardo Rio, president of the Chamber of Braga has argued that what Feio wants is to higher the prices of street parking in order for those to be even with the private parking sector, and not the other way around. Ricardo Rio has, however, stated that is not plausible for private parking companies to lower its prices.

Additionally, the president of the Chamber has accused Feio of “lack of political courage”, arguing that he is not being straightforward enough whilst presenting his ideas in relation to the parking issue in Braga, “be convinced, present what you defend”, where the words pronounced by Rio.