“All interested parties are asked to send their ideas, so that a more solid proposal can be created which represents the citizens wishes”, announced the municipality.

As a result of the transfer of powers by the State, the municipality has “new responsibilities”, within the scope of management of the territory linked to beaches and maritime transportation.

“The regulation seeks to ensure the measures proposed will bring citizens closer to the existing values in the Ria Formosa and on the beaches of the municipality”, reads the note.

The municipality disclosed it also intends to “guarantee environmental preservation and sustainability”.

Within the municipality’s new responsibilities are the administration and supervision of assets and areas of the public maritime domain, the attribution of titles for private use and all acts of execution, modification and extinction of authorisations, licenses or concessions related to commercial activities and the concession of public services.

The municipality of Faro will now set fees for the use of its port infrastructures, for the services provided at the location and for the occupation of spaces intended for commercial and industrial activities.

Other areas that will be managed by the municipality include the planning, contracting and management of public services for regular passenger transport on waterways, and it is also responsible for licensing and supervising tourist passenger transport.