Since its inception in 2013, the fund has contributed to the GAA's operations throughout Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Australasia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

The fund will now support a staggering 178 Gaelic games initiatives worldwide, a 20% increase over the 148 projects it sponsored in 2023. The fund initially supported 14 projects in its maiden year.

While some of the projects funded by the fund are one-time events, others will include ongoing activities all year long.

The GAA called all the initiatives “inspirational and beneficial” in a statement.

Clubs in the seven World GAA zones will receive a total of €373,975 in funding, which will enable clubs worldwide to enhance practice and competition and expand the sport.

The GAA further stated that, in January 2024, it received 197 applications for the Global Games Development Fund award programme, with 90% of those applications being approved.

According to the organisation, the increase in applications demonstrated the global expansion of Gaelic sports for both adult and juvenile development.

Minister of State for International Development and Diaspora Seán Fleming, demonstrated how essential the GAA is to Irish communities around the globe.

“The Irish Diaspora and the communities they reside in are particularly impacted by the GAA. In a statement, Fleming said, "It ensures that the Diaspora feels an ongoing connection to Ireland and our heritage, providing an important sense of belonging and support.”

“In my capacity as Minister for Diaspora, I'm happy to reaffirm our dedication to helping Irish communities overseas via the Global Games Development Fund, in collaboration with the GAA.”

“The GAA and the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme jointly match money for this scheme. The Fund plays a significant role in our Diaspora Strategy by supporting the growth of Gaelic sports overseas and raising knowledge of the sports on a global scale.”

The World GAA Committee's Chairman, Niall Erskine, stated that more Irish diaspora residents may participate in Gaelic games thanks to the fund, which has over 500 GAA clubs outside of Ireland.

“We are enormously proud of the extent to which Gaelic Games are now being played and enjoyed overseas with more than 500 GAA Clubs in existence outside of Ireland,” Erskine stated.

“A significant portion of the assistance for these Clubs comes from the Global Games Development Project. The fund especially offers financial support for ideas and programmes that expand or enhance the likelihood that the Irish Diaspora and other groups overseas can participate in Gaelic Games.”

The Irish diaspora, according to GAA President Larry McCarthy, finds a feeling of connection and camaraderie in GAA clubs around the globe.

“These thriving clubs, dotted around the globe, serve as hubs of Gaelic games for Irish and non-Irish alike and mirror the sense of community and belonging that are the hallmarks of our clubs across the island of Ireland,” McCarthy stated.

“Their work, and our efforts to support it, are helped in no small part by the Department of Foreign Affairs, particularly through the Global Games Development Fund and we are deeply appreciative of a relationship that has had a hugely positive impact on the experience of those who play our games ‘timpeall na cruinne' (around the globe).”