The data was collected by Confidencial Imobiliário within the scope of the Residential Price Index, which monitors the evolution of housing transaction prices on the mainland.

In year-on-year terms, prices showed a growth of 12.1% in January, keeping appreciation levels in this time horizon stable at around 12.0%. Remember that in December 2023, the year-on-year rate of change was 11.8%, crowning a year marked by a slowdown in the rate of increase in housing prices. As a result of this cooling, the year-on-year appreciation recorded in the last month of 2023 was 6.9 percentage points below that observed at the end of 2022 (18.7%).

According to data from the SIR-Residential Information System, houses were transacted in mainland Portugal for an average price of €2,396/m2 in January 2024, considering an accumulated period of three months. New homes reached an average value of €3,656/m2 in transactions carried out during this period, while used homes had a value of €2,243/m2.