The Natural Park of ‘Serra da Árrabida’ has always been known for its crystal-clear paradisiacal beaches surrounded by nature, and after one of its beaches – ‘Praia dos Galapinhos’ -received the title of Best European Beach in 2017, its reputation has only increased.

However, humans are not the only ones visiting and swimming in Arrábida’s water, as wild boars seem to have settled down in the area.

The wild boars have been spotted at a couple of different Arrábida beaches as Praia dos Galapos and Praia do Creio. However, their favourite place seems to be the ‘Praia dos Galapinhos’, a beach that is mostly protected from strong winds and offers calm waters, perfect for the animals to bath.

Even though access to the beach itself is quite simple, the “Arrábida Without Cars and in Safety” program, implemented by the municipality of Setúbal in 2018, has made access by car to these places impossible in the bathing season. The only way to reach the ‘Praia dos Galapinhos’ after the high season starts is by foot, two-wheeled vehicles or the specific shuttle buses provided by the City Council. Cars can be parked at ‘Figueirinha’ beach parking lot or at different parking spaces available in Setúbal which are connected by the shuttle bus services.

As a result of the increasing number of sightings of wild boars in Arrábida, the animals have lost almost all fear towards humans, co-habiting with them, by sharing the same sand and water spaces without running away. Despite wild boars' potential aggressive behaviour, no reports from people have been made of these wild boars visiting Arrábida’s beaches.


After studying Journalism for five years in the UK and Malta, Sara Durães moved back to Portugal to pursue her passion for writing and connecting with people. A ‘wanderluster’, Sara loves the beach, long walks, and sports. 

Sara J. Durães