Normative order nº4/2024 presents the registration dates for all types of situations, from students who have cancelled a subject, to those who want to improve their grade or students who intend to take a test in a subject they did not attend the classes.

The registrations for these tests can be made by families on the Electronic Registration Platform for Tests and Exams (PIEPE), which is available at, the school administration services are then responsible for validating them.

“Students who will be taking assessment tests do not need to register”, unless they attend individual or home education, the order states.

Registration is automatic for almost every student basic and elementary school taking their final exams.

The exception is for those who attend individual or home education and for students who are not attending any school. In these cases, it is necessary to register between February 26 and March 8.

Final National Exams will be obligatory carried out in the first phase, with some exceptions for those that will be in the second phase, for example, when students fail the subject.

The order maintains that the assessment tests and final exams for basic education will be carried out electronically, similar to last year.

Secondary school final national exams will be carried out on paper.

The Ministry of Education has been executing a project for the gradual evolution of the transition to digital external assessment tests, which began in the 2021/2022 academic year, expected to be finalised by 2024/2025, with the generalisation of the process in electronic form for all external assessment of learning: Assessment tests, final cycle tests and national exams.