“Betting on socialism is always a losing bet. It’s a bet on wasting time, losing solutions, losing young people and losing growth”, said Rui Rocha at the end of a meeting at the Science and Technology Technological Park in Évora.

In the liberal leader's opinion, the country no longer has time for the PS administration because it has proven to be harmful to the country because it has no solutions to the problems.

While on the PS side there is “more of the same”, on the Liberal Initiative side there is “serious change”, something that Portugal really needs, said Rui Rocha.

“Portugal cannot continue to be an aging country, a country of emigration of young people, a country with transport that is lagging behind or does not work, and a country with a water policy that leaves parts of the territory in an emergency situation”, he argued.

The liberal leader reaffirmed that voting for IL is a “safe and certain bet” because almost half of the governments in Europe are made up of liberal parties and have proven economic growth and development policies in different areas.

“We are talking about tested solutions, we are tired of seeing young Portuguese emigrate to countries that have applied liberal proposals”, he highlighted.