The most common boy names after Jack were Noah, James, Rían, and Oisín. With the exception of 2016, when James was the most common boy's name, Jack has been the most popular since 2007.

Following Grace as the most popular name for girls, Fiadh, Emily, Sophie, and Lily follow.

Grace is the most popular name for girls this year, which is a first since 2020.

Last year, Caelan became the 50th most popular name for boys, moving up fifty-eight spots from 2022.

Siofra became the 100th most popular name in the world for females, an increase of 57 spots from the previous year.

Last year, Jude, Paddy, Éanna, Dáithí, Lucia, and Cadhla were among the new names that entered the top 100.

In fifteen places across the nation, including Kildare and Leitrim, Jack was the most popular boys' name or the equal most popular boys' name. With 135 births registered, Tom was ranked 39th nationwide in 2023, but in Roscommon, he was the most liked.

Grace was the most popular girl's name in eleven regions, including Offaly, Tipperary, and Donegal.

In Donegal, Grace and Annie were both considered first choices. With 112 births nationwide, Annie was ranked 48th, while Grace was the most popular name for females.

In 2023, 9,172 unique new-born names were registered.

For surnames, the most prevalent surnames for 2023 births were Murphy, Kelly, O'Brien, Ryan, and Walsh.