Based on experience from previous years, the automatic IRS brings refunds sooner to taxpayers, as the delivery process is simpler.

In a few days, you will be able to check on the Finance website whether or not you are covered by the automatic delivery of the income declaration.

"You can confirm whether you are covered by the automatic delivery of the IRS declaration. To do this simply access the Finance Portal and log in with your identification password. If you do not find a shortcut for IRS on the home screen, look in the side menu for 'All Services ' and scroll to 'IRS'. Select the 'Automatic IRS' option", explains DECO PROteste.

Alternatively, search for IRS in the search bar and select the 'IRS automático' option.

"If you are not covered by the automatic IRS, you will find the message 'As you do not meet all the conditions required to be covered by the Automatic Income Declaration, you must submit an IRS declaration, model 3, under the general terms'. In this case, you must fill out your declaration manually", says the consumer protection organization.

The period for submitting the IRS declaration for income obtained in 2023 runs from April 1st to June 30th.

According to DECO PROteste, the "automatic IRS is, as a rule, a faster way of receiving eventual refunds".