“I deeply believe that we will win these elections and we will create a huge movement to transform Portugal”, he stated, speaking of "unstoppable growth of a movement that is not even so much a party, but a movement of people from all classes, of all ages, social conditions, who increasingly think that this system has to be truly cleaned up".

André Ventura was speaking in Lousada (Porto district), in what was the first of 23 rallies planned during the official campaign for the legislative elections on March 10, and which brought together more than 300 people.

The president of Chega then addressed those who he said doubted themselves: "The others had 50 years of opportunities, but they never managed to fulfil Portugal, the increase in salaries, the dignity of those in the Armed Forces and security forces, the dignity of the role public and the country".

"In 50 years they have always failed. Give me a chance and I guarantee you that you will have a much better country than the one we have had until now and one that is worth living in. Give me a chance and there won't be a corrupt person left in Portugal to take a cent from the State Budget", he appealed.