The general secretary of the PCP, Paulo Raimundo, stressed that the communists are not giving up on what he considered to be the “main and most current demand”, that is, the “general increase and a significant increase in salaries”.

“Wealth is created. Workers have already created more than enough means and resources to be able to have 15% increases, with a minimum of 150 euros for each worker. We are not drawn into the false question of whether or not it is possible; It is not only possible, it is urgent and fundamental for the country’s own development,” he declared.

Paulo Raimundo also reiterated that “it is not normal for a handful of privileged people to put 25 million euros in profit into their pockets every day”.

“At CDU we are clear: the sale of the country to foreign capital is a political and economic crime against our development, which benefits a small handful and harms an immense majority of those who live and work here”, he observed, adding that “it is possible to live best” in Portugal.

Speaking about the need to reinforce financial investment in public services, namely in the National Health Service, in public schools or in housing, Paulo Raimundo also protested against the promiscuity between economic power and political power, pointing out this situation as the main root of corruption.