Action, the Dutch retailer known for its low prices is investing in Portugal. After the opening of the Vila Nova de Gaia store, scheduled for Thursday, Action is preparing to open three more stores in the North later this year, according to a report by ECO. With the opening of these four commercial spaces, the company provide employment for 80 people. Although the company does not reveal the locations, it already has several job offers available on the website for cities such as Barcelos, Santo Tirso, Guarda and Entroncamento.

“We are very excited to open in Portugal and these four stores will just be the beginning of our expansion (…) If we look at the history of Action in all countries, we started with one store and then ended up expanding and filling a certain country with stores. I'm sure we'll go to Lisbon one day, but I don't know when”, the regional director for Benelux, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Bart Raeymaekers, told ECO/Local Online.

Asked about the choice of Portugal to continue the expansion plan of the company listed on the stock exchange, Bart explains that the “plan involves going from one country to another and, after establishing the brand in Spain, the time has come to expand to Portugal ”. He also adds that the Portuguese have a “desire to pay less” for products.

The choice of the North of Portugal is related to the supply chain. Having worked at Action for around eight years, the manager details that in this initial phase, the stores in Portugal will be supplied by the distribution center in Toulouse, France. However, to make “logistics easier” he plans to open a distribution center near Madrid in October, which will supply stores in Spain and Portugal. However, he does not rule out the possibility of opening a distribution center in Portugal.

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