A new survey has analysed the flow of the 25,000 centi-millionaires (people who have more than 100 million dollars) around the world, based on where they take holidays and have holiday homes.

Forbes Portugal magazine website cites data from the World’s Wealthiest Cities Report 2023, relating to 2022, collected and organized by the Visual Capitalist website, which shows which places in the world millionaires travel to for leisure.

The three cities where the most centi-millionaires decide to spend their holidays belong to the United States, given that the vast majority of them live on American soil.

In the Top 10 of favourite destinations for centi-millionaires there are only three places in Europe, one of which is in Portugal. While Paris, France, is the choice of 300 centi-millionaires for weekend getaways or vacations, the French city of Nice is the destination of choice for 200 centi-millionaires. In ninth place on this list comes the Algarve, in Portugal, which, like Nice, is the choice for 200 wealthy travellers.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, comes in 13th place in this ranking, with 35 centi-millionaires.