With 339 votes in favour, 240 against and 37 abstentions, MEPs endorsed the proposal which foresees, in particular, the reduction to 17 years of the minimum age to obtain a license to drive cars or trucks, on condition that there is an experienced driver accompanying them.

The proposal also advances, among other measures, a two-year period of zero tolerance, for those recently licensed, with regard to driving under the influence of alcohol, and stricter sanctions must also be established for unsafe driving.

Although the Member States have already adopted their negotiating position last December, the conclusion of the dossier will be carried over to the next legislature, after the European elections from June 6th to 9th.

The European association for transport safety ETSC has already contested the MEPs' proposal to allow 17-year-olds to drive trucks, considering, in a statement, that it will have serious negative consequences.

ETSC recalls that currently the minimum age to obtain a truck driving license is 21 years old, although there are Member States that allow it at 18, under certain conditions.