According to a statement from the company, this includes an estimated €14.9 million in tax revenue in 2023 alone, representing an increase of more than 10 percent compared to the previous year.

“Airbnb's commitment to Lisbon and Porto is long-standing and has resulted in an agreement for the collection and delivery of tourist taxes with the respective city councils of both cities, which has raised more than 44.2 million euros since 2016 in Lisbon and more than 19.1 million euros since 2018 in Porto”.

Mónica Casañas, General Manager of Airbnb Marketing Services SL, states that: “Today, taxes charged and paid by hosts on Airbnb are important sources of revenue for the Portuguese community. Travel has been and continues to be an essential source of income for families in Portugal to keep up with the rising cost of living.

“In Portugal, 9 out of 10 hosts say that the space they advertise on Airbnb is owned by them or their family, and almost half say that the additional income they earn from accommodation helps them pay for their homes. 50% say they use the money earned on Airbnb to make ends meet. Traveling with Airbnb not only benefits families in the two main urban destinations in Portugal, but also distributes visitors across the country, from big cities to smaller villages: in 2022, almost 2 out of 3 nights booked on Airbnb in Portugal were outside Porto and Lisbon.

“Following these guidelines, Airbnb aims to continue working with Portugal to enable all hosts to benefit from – and participate in – Europe's tourism economy, while also providing governments with the information they need to support effective policymaking”.